we passionately craft bespoke, smart strategies to help your brand thrive.

Core Services

Technology Development

At Zap Media, our Technology Development service is tailored to push the boundaries of innovation within your business. We specialize in creating custom software solutions that are not only futuristic but also scalable and secure. Our team of experts focuses on harnessing the latest technologies to develop applications and systems that streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive digital transformation. Whether you're looking to build from scratch or refine existing technologies, we provide the expertise needed to navigate the digital landscape successfully.


Our Integrations service is designed to ensure your business operates seamlessly in a digital-first world. By connecting disparate systems and applications, we enable data to flow smoothly across your organization, enhancing efficiency and decision-making processes. Our approach is centered on understanding your unique business needs and deploying integration solutions that are robust, secure, and scalable. From API integrations to custom middleware, we ensure that your business systems work in harmony, driving operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Digital Auditing

Zap Media's Digital Auditing service offers a comprehensive analysis of your digital presence to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our detailed audits encompass your website, social media, SEO, and digital marketing strategies to provide actionable insights and recommendations. This service is aimed at businesses looking to optimize their digital footprint, improve online visibility, and enhance user engagement. With our digital auditing, you can expect a strategic roadmap that aligns with your business goals and maximizes ROI from your digital investments.

Growth Strategy

Our Growth Strategy service is designed to propel your business into its next phase of expansion. By combining data-driven insights with innovative marketing techniques, we help you identify new opportunities for growth and develop scalable strategies to seize them. Our team specializes in crafting bespoke growth plans that encompass market analysis, customer segmentation, and digital marketing tactics tailored to your business model. With Zap Media, you're not just planning for growth; you're setting the stage for sustained success in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Management Team

Daniyal Zafar

Chief Executive Officer

With over ten years of expertise in growth marketing, branding, and strategic planning, Daniyal has become a notable figure in the Canadian business landscape. At Zap Media, he applies his rich experience in driving business growth, elevating them to $50 million and beyond. His approach focuses on strengthening marketing leadership, revamping brands, utilizing data-driven strategies, and executing plans effectively. These key elements have solidified his reputation and continue to foster Zap Media's robust growth trajectory.

Sashien Godakandae

Chief Business Officer

Sashien, a Partner at Zap Media specializing in Enterprise, harnesses his MBA-backed acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to drive business development, marketing, and investment strategies. His unique ability to identify opportunities and add value propels modern brands forward. As an ambitious professional with a knack for business growth, Sashien continues to leave a lasting impact on the industry, leading with innovation and strategic insight.